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For Windows, download

For Linux, download lwjus-list.tar.gz

Build Demo

Unzip into a directory (or "tar zxvf lwjus-list.tar.gz").

You need maven to build the war file, the dependency version specified in pom.xml is good for tomcat 8 and JDK 8, you may need change version if run in lower version of java or tomcat.

If you want to try the OOTB list configurations, you need to run MySQL database, download and setup Employees Sample Database. Change DB connection details (DBCPDataSourceImpl.default...) in app.cfg if necessary, then you good to start build.

If you want to setup your list, follow these steps:

  • 1. Following the document to create your lists in app.cfg.

  • 2. If you use other database, need include jdbc driver like ojdbc6.jar as dependency.

  • 3. Change index.html to use your lists.
    look for lines like
                      <div class="container-fluid" ng-controller="tableCtrl" listName="department" ng-include="'table.html'" onload="init()">
                      <div class="container-fluid" ng-controller="tableCtrl" listName="employee" ng-include="'pagination.html'" onload="init()">
    Change the listName in such lines to your list name, make sure to include table.html for non-pagination tables, pagination.html for pagination tables.

    Also change menu sections if necessary.

  • 4. Change js/customize.js, it has several places to initialize the drop down option values, you can change them to your options, just search for "//#####" to find the places you may need make change.

    Run "mvn install" to build the listdemo.war, and drop to tomcat's webapp folder.

Java Client

To use Java API, include the two jars in lib folder and necessary dependencies, below is a sample client.

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        ListService list = ProviderManager.getProviderInstance(ListService.class);

        ListRequest request = new ListRequest();
        Map<String, List<Object>> filters = new HashMap<String, List<Object>>();
        List<Object> values = new ArrayList<Object>();

        filters.put("lastName", values);
        values = new ArrayList<Object>();
        filters.put("pageOffsetLimit", values);

        ListResult result = list.getList(request);