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I love coding!

Thanks for giving me the chance to present you my works! Here you can find some of my projects developed as "personal interests":

Canned List

This utility provides both REST and Java in-process API to build list/report pages with search and pagination capabilities. An Angular 1 template (this service was built before Angular 2) is alos provided to facilitate frontend integration and testing. Click the Canned List menu to view details, live demo is available at

Entitlement Server

Maybe it is not fair to say no good "Entitlement Server" product exits today, at least no dominant one. I worked on many "Access Control" projects for major financial firms: Citi, Barclays, Fidelity, PIMCO, S&P, ... When entitlement product was used, tons of customizations required to handle the unrare use cases.

I also built an entitlement product for my company, along with other existing products, all of them pretty much follow the same policy model: user/group/role + resource(protected object) + action(what can be performed on resource) + condition(aim to handle ABAC).

Well, fundamentally maybe this is not the best way, here you can see another way to handle RBAC and ABAC. Click the Entitlement Server menu for details, live demo is available at You can login as "readonly" with passord = "password".

App Generation

Many applications have the authentication/authorization/registration, entity CRUD/search etc. use cases, based on metadata, this tool generates java web application source code including: DDL(Oracle and MySql), data tier classes(JDBC), service tier classes(transaction, authorization, AOP, auditing), REST service, web tier.

Click the App Generation menu for details.

AI and Machine Learning

With math background, it's not too hard to understand the training models, yes, I started python coding and won Kaggle medals. Wait... is this the java home? OK, I do sparking coding too...